Reclining Chaise Lounge Indoor

Reclining Chaise Lounge

reclining-chaise-lounge-indoorA chaise is a chair that is extended, to accommodate the full length of someone’s legs.  That is, you don’t have to have your feet on the ground as with a traditional chair to be sitting on it.  It allows you to completely stretch out and relax with your full body on the chair.

A reclining chaise takes this concept a step further and allows your upper body and back to escape the standard upright angle.  Some even fold all the way down like beds, which are convenient for if you have overnight guests rooms or want to take a quick nap.

Reclining Chaise Lounge Chair Indoor

Just like the double chaise lounge chair, a reclining chaise is more common in an outdoor style.  It’s easy to picture these poolside and on the beach under patio umbrellas.  You might also be  familiar with them as patio furniture in a backyard setting.  These chairs are often made of wood or plastic and are covered in fabric. They are usually fordable as well for portability.  There may be a cup holder as well manufactured into the arm rests.

For indoor use, these chairs are made a little differently.  The fabric and cushions will resemble a couch, straying away from the fun in the sun mentality.

Chaise Recliner

One  indoor option is a chaise that is built like a recliner chair.  It looks just like a recliner, but the end where you set your feet on is extended.

There is one from Signature Design by Ashley that is in that style.  It is just under $500, and is a light mocha color. It looks great next to a sofa just like a regular recliner, and it has some good reviews.

Although you can’t find it on their website anymore, (it was part of the Hogan collections) , you can find it at some online retailers.

Is it the Best Option?

A chaise recliner is sort of a hybrid between a chaise and a recliner, both of which are technically hybrids themselves. A chaise, more often than not, will already be reclined.  There are some with ends that are in upright positions, but when searching for a chaise lounge, you will come across many that have reclined backs already.

Rather than purchasing an indoor reclining chaise lounge, it might be more beneficial to get a convertible chaise.  A convertible lounger is able to fold completely down to create a horizontal 180 degree surface, mimicking a bed.  Thus, they are often referred  to as sleepers.  They are also more widely available and affordable than the reclining style.

Of course, if a recliner is just more your style, then having one that is also a chaise will be the ultimate relaxation chair.

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