Double Chaise Lounge Indoor

Indoor Double Chaise Lounge Chair

chaise-lounge-indoorA chaise is luxuriously comfortable.  It’s basically a cross between a couch and a bed.  You can stretch out easily and watch television with the family, but be careful because you might find yourself falling asleep.

The only problem with these is that most are only made for one person.  That can create some tension during family movie night. If you’ve gotten tired of fighting over whose night it is to use the chair, you might’ve though of looking for a something that fits two people.

Having more than one chaise is ideal for a family, however, a large amount of space would be needed for both of them.  It would be hard to fit them into your layout, especially if you have a small space or extra sofas.

Indoor Double Chaise

That’s where the double chaise comes in.  It can fit two people, but it is conjoined.  This helps save space and look more cohesive in your room with the rest of your furniture.

A common look is to have both ends or a opposite ended chair, with the armrests being the endings.

Unfortunately, this style isn’t very popular.  They are much easier to find in outdoor styles, like pool lounge chairs.  However, we were able to find some options.

Two Person Chaise

A brand named Corrigan Studio has a double end lounge chair available in three different colors from  The colors are all light, being cream, white, and gray.  This lounge is quite large and includes pillows.

Most reviewers seem to be happy with their purchase, but a possible downside would be the price.  It is over $1000.  For some, that is simply out of their budget, understandably.  But the price does not seem too high for a “sofa” of this magnitude and unique style.

Leather Double Chaise Lounge

There are indeed leather options available in this style.  Unlike the two person style, these are more or less just an over-sized version of the lounge chair.  They are able to fit more than one person because of the larger size, but look just like a regular lounge chair aside from that.

Because of the material, they are obviously more expensive than a fabric covered chair.  They are priced in the $1000-$2000 range.  Again, that may be on the high end of people’s budget.

Is it Worth it?

If you’ve seriously considered a chair like this for a while, the investment might be worth it for you.  For others, there are many comfortable and relaxing chairs for half, or less than half of the cost that might be more suitable.


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